6 Ways Increase Blog Traffic Successfully

6 Ways Increase Blog Traffic Successfully


Everyone knows that it takes a lot of time and effort to create a good blog but there's a big difference between having a good blog and having a great blog. One of the most important aspects of a good blog and what most bloggers strive for is how to increase blog traffic. However, it is a mystery. You could have the most humorous, enjoyable, or knowledgeable blog out there, but if no one is reading it then what's the point? 

 There are several ways to capture an audience and draw people to your blog. It is your job once you have captured their attention to keep it. Below is a list of 6 ways that you can increase readership and traffic that you'd like.

1. Great Content 

A blogger should always be able to catch the attention of almost every individual surfing the internet. Try to add your own unique content to your blog which attracts your visitors so they come back to your blog to get more. Most search engine index your blog faster if your blog contain different content which is very helpful to the visitors.Some of the most successful blogs have very narrowly defined readership. Writing for a niche audience, who often won't have many other specialist media outlets, makes it easier to attract readers than trying to compete with millions of other general interest sites. It also helps you to tap into an existing network of engaged readers. 

You could actually do some additional and smaller steps make a blog more attractive such as suitable categories. It is very important because if you fail to select suitable categories for your posts then all your efforts are going to get into waste. If you could be successful in doing this, you will definitely be able to gain larger increments of traffic each and every day. 

2. Social Media and Bookmarking Sites 

There are a number of social bookmarking sites but their functions are distinct. The social bookmarking sites, such as Digg, Delicious and Reddit can be good for both promoting your blog directly, as well as helping your Google visibility through getting you back links. It doesn't matter who you are and what status you have, what you need to do is that write the best post, give it the best title and submit it on the bookmarking sites. If it is elected as the best one, it would be on the site's homepage and it will send a stream of traffic to your blog. 

Create some social media profiles that will connect you to a network of other users. If people check out your profile on a regular basis, this could generate interest. Twitter especially, has great potential for blog promotion, as you can gather thousands of followers who form a market for your blog. What you should do is to create specific accounts for your blogs and then seek out an audience that might be interested. 

3. Update Fresh Content Often 

The key to quality traffic is to keep your site fresh on a regular basis. One mistake some people make with blogging is blogging when they have nothing useful to say. If you are doing this then you are going to have a hard time making fans who are interested in your blog. Your posts should be relevant to the selected category, informative, and well-written. Blog often, but make sure you're blogging something of interest. Not only will new information keep your regular visitors from getting bored, it also keeps search engine spiders crawling your blog. Search engines rank sites with recently updated information higher. 

4. Follow Famous People 

Successful people know that the key to success is to find out what they are good at doing and they focus on that. What they aren't so great at doing, they work with people who are good at doing what they can't do and add them to their team. It amazes me how many people say they want to make money with their blog, but they don't subscribe and/or follow other successful people. Also look for successful people in your niche in social media and Google. It won't be hard to find the popular people. Study their content and watch how they engage and interact with their followers. 

5. Guest Blog Post. 

As you know, blogging is very time intensive, so many blog owners are looking for ways to create quality content easily. Guest blogging is wonderful way to get thousands of visitors instantly. Now the question is how can you get maximum benefit by your guest post? The only constraint is to get your guest post approved by top blogs. They have strict criteria to accept guest blogs, I mean guest post should be grammatically correct and should be informative. In guest posts you can put link of your blog, the anchor text should be properly utilized. Offer other blogger and website owners post high quality articles in exchange for a back link. It's a win-win situation for everyone and help you increase blog traffic and visitors. 

6. Post Comments on Your Target Market. 

As an author of a blog site, you should be able to have a very good societal image even if it is just a virtual reality you are working with. Leaving quality comments on other blogs also help you increase traffic on your blog. Join a discussion board forum related to your industry with other blogger. Try to visit at least 15-20 blogs daily and leave your comments there. After every comment, include a link to your blog or website. Posting relevant and helpful comments can increase your credibility and increase your exposure. This method really works well.

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