Take Affiliate Marketing Action Today

Take Affiliate Marketing Action Today

Take Affiliate Marketing Action Today! 

This is a question I get asked time and time again: "Is internet marketing really possible for anyone to do?"

Well let's look at some figures :

1. The cost of having your own website (only talking about using the blogging platforms which are available online these days) is about $10 a month.

2. That's after you buy a domain name for about $15. So, the first month is about $25, then $10 each month thereafter.

3. Autoresponder email service provider $25 per month ($1 trial period here)

Now if you use only FREE marketing methods (I can teach you how) The only other output that is required of you is your time. And that my friends is where almost all of the first time affiliate marketers make their biggest mistakes. They simply do not understand that in this digital age time is money.

Take Affiliate Marketing Action Today!

What I know is this, most new marketers I meet are absolutely determined to spend, initially, only about $10/month and then expect to make $10,000/month as profit. Now although this is certainly possible, in the beginning it's going to take a lot longer to do if you don't invest a little to ensure you get started moving in the right direction.

Many internet marketing gurus will sell you programs or eBooks for $7 which tell you to spend 18 hours per day guest blogging, posting in forums or spending your life on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.
This article however, is all about selling YOU the concept of time is money, and the absolute fact that you must understand the basic marketing concept of investing in your business. So, would you rather spend $100 on a set of video tutorials that teach you how to how to make up to $100/day in a month, or spend nothing searching forums and websites for months and months for the free info to do the same, but take a year to find it?

The answer should be pretty clear-cut, it is to me, you should be looking at the quickest way to profit, and if that means investing a few hundred dollars to start the ball rolling, then so be it. However, many people just can't get the marketers mindset quickly enough, and spend ALL of their time looking for the free stuff (which BTW is usually out there somewhere).

Take Affiliate Marketing Action Today!

Now, the harsh reality is this! the most successful internet, affiliate and network marketers don't sit around in forums all day giving away their secrets, so if you want the best advice or strategies there is a good chance that you will have to pay for it, somewhere along the way. In most cases the ONLY way you will get the support and advice you need to become successful with affiliate marketing is to pay for mentoring and coaching.

Don't make the age old mistake of believing that you can wait to make some money before paying for some coaching. You need to pay for some coaching in order to make some money. Think of it like this: Imagine if you are a talented athlete who has set himself a target of winning an Olympic gold medal, do you think he says to himself "I will wait until I have won a gold medal before I get myself a coach" Absolutely NOT. of course he will GET HIMSELF A COACH to help him win the gold medal.

Now I know that's a slightly crazy analogy, but the philosophy behind it is exactly the same. Get yourself a mentor to help you succeed. Don't wait to succeed then get yourself a mentor. Because YOU WILL NOT SUCCEED if you wait!

Take Affiliate Marketing Action Today!

So the message here hopefully is loud and clear, take action today, get yourself a mentor and begin the journey to a new life with affiliate marketing. Forums will waste your time, No one is going to give you the answers you need and the business systems and strategies FREE! You need to pay for that, but treat it as an investment in yourself, and that my friend is the best investment you can make!

All the best. -Jon

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