Offline Advertising Vs Online

Offline Advertising Vs Online


 Right lets get straight into it, so the long time question that has been on many marketers minds, which is the best way to promote your business? Through online advertising or offline? To answer that question you need to have a firm grasp on the different types of advertising and you also need to be able to track every piece of advertising you have out there, getting the stats on what works and what doesn’t.

Everyone has their own methods of advertising and everyone prefers different things, some people prefer getting in front of others and talking to them, others prefer to work on PPC. With an online business both can work very well, so let me explain.

Offline Advertising Offline advertising, generally relies on a scatter gun approach – I.E if enough people see or hear about your website, a percentage of those people will visit your site, and either buy or subscribe to your list, depending on how you site is structured. They may even share it through social media or just tell their friends. Although its certainly possible to target your audience, for example an entrepreneur magazine for a make money online opportunity, you’ve got no real way to track your conversion rates.

When you look at online advertising, it is as simple as using a tracking service, for me I simply use the tracking on the Six Figure Mentors dashboard when I am promoting their products.

However, it is possible to see how many leads you generated, as long as you direct the leads you generate to a landing page. This is a drawn out process but it does work.

Radio and TV advertising, be it on the decline are still firm favorites with some brands, partly for the kudos and the effectiveness, however many small businesses would not have the capital to invest in such advertising, plus its just not viable. I mean why would you bother unless you have a built up brand name?

Online Advertising Now online advertising came to be, straight after the creation of the first commercial websites. Online business owners needed ways in which they could drive traffic to their website. What started off as posting a link on a text based directory, has grown massively into the multi BILLION pound industry that is online marketing. The best thing about online advertising, is the ability to track every single link, impression and sale, meaning you can make informed decisions about your business, that in the future, will bring more business and save money. Here is a good link tracking service that lets you track 1000's of campaigns – TMMDATA

Advertising Summary So which approach should you adopt? Well each online business will have its own goals and budget. In an ideal world, the best approach would be to invest in both, as long as they are wise investments. Unfortunately it is trial and error, there is always a risk in marketing and advertising online, but its the same with any business, no pain, no pain. (financial pain!)

If you are working with limited funds, then it is best to work with advertising that is as low cost as possible, and easily trackable. This will allow you to optimize constantly and scale it when you find what works.
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