Affiliate Domination

Affiliate Domination

The easiest way to boost your 10 -100 times to any of your sites is by having your own affiliate program. It is better to have hundreds of people working for you and keeping 50% of the profits , than trying to do everything yourself in order for you to keep 100% of the profits.

An affiliate program needs to be set up effectively to work. You can’t just provide a link and send people off to market your product. You need to TRAIN your affiliates. Not everybody knows how to market a product, and even if they do, it is your job to introduce them to new methods.

The easiest way to set up an affiliate program is by having a digital product and selling it through Clickbank. They have a huge affiliate base, you get regular payments and they handle all the money. They do however only work with digital products.

There are certain mistakes that can kill your campaign , that you have to be aware of. Don’t put a “Join my affiliate program” link at the top of your page. This takes the attention from your potential buyer away from your sales letter and out of the buying mood. Keep the link at the bottom of the page, experienced affiliates know where to look for it. It also sends a bad message to your affiliates. They send traffic to your page to make a sale , not to promote your affiliate program for free.

Don’t give small commissions. People expect at least 50% for digital products, higher is even better. The higher your commissions, the more people will join and that will produce more buyers over all.
Provide tools for your affiliates. You must make it easy for them to promote your product. Give them banners, e-mails, keywords, videos and everything they might need with their affiliate link already in there.
Once your affiliate program is ready you can advertise it on Clickbank to get affiliates fast. The traffic is very targeted and the people have an affiliate account already. You can place the ad for a short time only if you are strapped for cash, just to get the ball rolling.

Your best affiliates, will be your customers. When someone buys your product, show them how they can make money by promoting the product they just bought. They are already using the product, and if it’s good the will spread the word faster than anyone else.

Include your affiliate program in your follow up e-mails. If you have sent all your sales mails without getting a sale from a prospect, you can send a last e-mail telling them about your affiliate program. They can buy your product for say 75% off by using their own affiliate ID, and make more money by promoting the product. This should however be your last attempt , do not advertise this to everybody.

An exit pop-up also works well. When people leave your site, you can have an exit pop-up that tells them about your affiliate program. They may not want to buy your product, but they might have a list they can promote it to.

You need to get all your affiliates to opt-in to a follow up sequence. This allows you to send them training materials , updates and let them know about other products they can cross promote. Consider having competitions and reward your top affiliates with nice prizes.

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