5 Useful Tools help to Evaluate your Social Media Return on Investment

5 Useful Tools help to Evaluate your Social Media Return on Investment

Measuring the return on investment is the major criteria of choosing whether to invest in that particular investment or not. This act may be treated as the first and foremost necessary step before getting into any financial investment deal, but in the media or per say marketing field this is an ignorant factor. No doubt everyone wants to know about their returns but don’t bother so much in marketing as it is kind of difficult to measure. 

If you have invested or ready to invest in any of the social media marketing strategy and worried about the returns then here is your solution. Just try out these below mentioned tools in order to easily measure your social media return on investment and hence judge it accordingly.

1. Kissmetrics

Kissmetric is one of the great analytical tools for working out your Social Media Marketing Services; it helps you to track your clients in an easy way out. You come to know when your clients have entered your page and left which helps you plan the post timing or schedule so that you can cater the maximum searchers. This basically helps you in tracking your appropriate return on investment coming from various social media sites like Facebook , Twitter, Linked in etc.It is free at initial stages but after that it costs around 120$ for a month’s subscription.

2. Customer Lifetime Value Calculator If you are planning to pitch totally new audience then this is the right analytical SMO services tool for you to first understand how much will it cost you for that and then it also helps you in judging whether it is worth it or not. You can easily calculate the value attached to each customer and thus categories them accordingly.

3. RJ Metrics’ Cloud BI If you are looking for even more and in depth analysis of your customer lifetime value then RJ Metric’s Cloud BI is there to help you in getting your customer lifetime value analysis and not only this but will also provide you with its overall social media channel in receiving those clients and clicks. This is one of the tools widely used by SMO services in India also. By giving you client’s insight it helps you in gauging the appropriate return on your investment.

4. Cyfe This tool is the best in its field as it provides an overall picture of hoe your content is shared on social media and how much impact does it make on the return on investment that you must be expecting. If you want to make full use of this tool you can also take help of Social Media services companies available in the market to help you with these services.

5. Google Analytics Google analytics is the most popular tool used for SEO services by a major part of optimizers. It basically lets you to make out where the traffic on your site is coming from and the way in which clients love to interact with your site. It will help you track and compare different social media sites and thus judge which is more profitable for your business.

So if you are worried about the return on your investment and thus afraid to spend money on social media marketing just use these tools and get hold of your return easily. 

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