Monetization from Browser Add-Ons

Monetization from Browser Add-Ons

In the modern internet-driven world the most used software application by any user is by no doubts - the browser. The user does not want to install anything. The user does not want lengthy setups to have something working. All he wants is to open his browser and have everything in there. Let's suppose you are running an online shop and you have a solid user base of let's say 100K users. But how many of these users are actually active? How many of them have registered at your e-Shop and then completely forgotten about it? What are the chances that a user that wants to buy a new tablet goes directly to your e-Shop and buys it? Let's get into a typical user's shoes, see what he is doing and then find a way to get him visit your e-Shop. 

 I want to buy a tablet. So what do I do? I go to Google, search for "Samsung tablet", review the results, find the cheapest offer and visit that e-Shop. I don't see the user landing on your e-Shop in this picture. Even a user from your user base could easily go for another merchant if he finds a better price there. Do not worry - we have a solution for you and your user. Turn this dilemma into a win-win situation.

The solution is: browser add-ons. Browser add-ons live inside the user's browser. They are always there running when the user is browsing. No matter what sites he is visiting, searching, chatting, reading, your browser add-on is there with him on every click. Let's repeat the above tablet-buy scenario but this time with a monetizing browser add-on installed.

I want to buy a tablet. I go to Google, search for "Samsung tablet" and see some search results. At this point our browser add-on detects the user search and triggers a call in the background to your back-end server saying "Hey, this guys wants to buy a Samsung tablet! Let's show him some offers from our e-Shop.". The server receives the call and responds "Sure. Here are our best priced offers to show him". The browser add-on receives the list of offers for Samsung tablets and shows a small popup or search feed to the user saying "Here are our best offers for Samsung tablets. Please check them out."

This describes in very simple words how the monetization with browser add-ons work. In a bit more technical terms, the gist is that you install a small script inside the user browser that tracks his search and browsing activity and displays relevant shopping information from your e-Shop or other affiliate sites. You can choose to display targeted ads as text, feeds, images or even tiny multimedia. Everything sounds great by far. So, where is the catch one might ask? The catch is how to make the user install your script into his browser, or your browser extension if you have to call it right. You have to give him something in exchange, right?

The answer is: you will give him time. Yes, time. The priceless gift of having more free time. How does this work? Ok, let's roll back to the first "I want to a tablet" sentence. There the steps the user is doing is searching for a tablet, going through search results, visiting each merchant, comparing prices, reading reviews, etc. etc. etc. You can save him all this time. Your server will automate the process of searching, analyzing prices and finding the best offer. Your browser extension will display the summary of this server research as a targeted ad to the user. The user will have a guaranteed best price without wasting any time in research on his own. By clicking on your targeted ad, he will be taken to merchant web store with your affiliate ID in the link URL. At this point you have earned your cash. Your browser add-on has monetized your user. This example shows that you can monetize even if you are not owning a web shop. All you need is an affiliate ID to merchant sites.

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