How To Get Away From The 9 To 5 - Work From Home

How To Get Away From The 9 To 5 - Work From Home

Are you tired of working for somebody else? Do you wish you didn’t have to work every day from 9 to 5? Well, you can get away from working 0 to 5, but that requires dedication on your part. Where most people fail when working from home is they take it too far.

Just because you are working from home doesn’t mean you sleep in all day or spend the day in your pajamas. Working from home simply means that you must

How To Get Away From The 9 To 5

Have A Plan – You need a plan and there is no way around that. Without a plan you won’t know what you are doing or how you are going to do it. Working from home doesn’t only represent one thing, you could do hundreds of different things to make money. For example, do you want to sell items on eBay, write e-books on Amazon, create Youtube videos, start a lawn care business, or possibly even run a daycare. All of these are different, and you need to choose which one is right for you.

Create A Schedule – What do you plan on doing during the day? When do you plan on getting started? Do you take lunch at noon like most people do, or do you take lunch when you have some down time? With a written schedule, you will have all of these questions answered. Without a schedule, you won’t know when you are supposed to be working and when you are supposed to be taking a quick break.

Know How Much You Must Make – What do you make now? Let’s say you make $2,000 a month from your current job. This means you must make $500 a week working from home, or $100 a day if you work 5 days a week. Now, if you break that into hours, then you must make $12.50 per hour in an 8 hour day. You can even break that number down even more, but just know that you need to know how much you must make or this could be a losing endeavor.

Join A Group – This is a must in my opinion for anybody that has not had their own business before. The reason I recommend joining a business minded group is because they will help you through all the obstacles a business goes through. The business minded group that I strongly suggest joining is one called the Business Success Pack. In this group you will have the option to talk with business leaders and get advice from people who have recently made the move from 9 to 5 workers to self-employed.

Getting away from the regular 9 to 5 job is not for everybody, mainly because not everybody is meant to work for themselves. If you find that creating a plan, creating your own schedule, and figuring out all your finances is difficult, then joining a business minded group is a must.

Just know that working from home is going to take time and dedication, so take your time to ensure that you are going to be successful right from the start. Trust me, “Success is planned, not created in the future”.

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