How To Make Money As A ClickBank Affiliate

How To Make Money As A ClickBank Affiliate

 Clickbank is the largest online marketplace for digital information products with more than 10,000 product vendors and 100,000 affiliates promoting their products. As an affiliate you will receive a commission with every sale you make when you advertise a product on clickbank. 

 So you can see that clickbank is an ideal place to locate and sell products as an affiliate. Clickbank handles the payments relieving you of worrying about keeping track of your sales - it's all handled by clickbank.

With clickbank you get paid on time every time. People just like you are making a full-time living on clickbank and some affiliates get burned in the process. The key to success with clickbank is identifying which products are likely to convert for you and return you a decent profit on a regular basis.

With AffiliateX all of this research has already been done for you with over 200 products listed and updated daily. All you have to do is log into your AffiliateX account and browse through the top selling products in each niche and then finding which products you would like to promote. The key is to find profitable products that are not being targeted, let your imagination take over, and try to find niches that you enjoy spending time researching, this makes making money online a lot more enjoyable, look out for products with a rising gravity which you can easily find by clicking on any product within a given niche.

Other products to look for are evergreen products i.e. those that will be around for a long time (e.g.: make money online, health, and weight loss niches) having continued to convert well for affiliates over a long period of time such as Coffee Shop Millionaire (2 years) still popular with a rising gravity. Once you've chosen your product(s) to promote, find out as much as you can about that product - reading honest reviews (there are many review sites) or some vendors may even send you a review of their products.

Create articles to promote the products, then feature on your website, submit to article directories, send emails to all your contacts or you can use banner ads on your site to promote the product. Because all of ClickBank's products are delivered digitally, keeping costs low, allowing product vendors to pay up to 75% in commission on each sale. A good converting product can be very lucrative, by adding more products to your niche to promote and so on. Ideally, you could end up with some high converting products that you are profiting from on a daily basis.

Of course you do need to bear in mind that you may not hit the 'jackpot' straight away. It may take a few attempts to find the right product but once you do you'll be on to a winner. Head over to AffiliateX and start browsing through the hundreds of products that are available for you to promote and remember these are updated on a daily basis so you'll always be seeing the top products that are currently converting.

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