Best Highest Paying Affiliate Programs

Best Highest Paying Affiliate Programs



Now, most people don’t even realize how much money there is to make in blogging. The first time I saw that people were blogging, I thought they were just wasting their time! But that’s until I figured out they were making thousands of dollars each month. Then I figured out I was the one who is nuts.

So now I know how to make money blogging, and have done it myself as well, I’m gonna explain to you exactly how they're all doing it and how you can get started too! It’s actually really easy… Let’s just say it'll take you about an hour a day, from that you’re good to go making lots of money online. But only if you know the secret that I’m about to tell you!

The BIG secret to blogging is just to become an affiliate to products that relate to the blog you own, that’s all! Let me explain exactly what I mean by this, lets say you have a blog about cooking recipes. You can place ads on that blog, which is what most people out there do. Sure, you can make good money if you have MILLIONS of people reading your blog, but most likely, you will never have that. Sorry to burst your bubble, but lets say you have about 30,000 people a month reading your blog. If you become an affiliate of a cook book product and write a short 200-300-word article on it to your viewers, I promise that you’ll make a lot more money than ads will make you. The fact is that you can earn up to 75% commission promoting other peoples products. If the product sells for $50, you’d make $32.50 per sale! From 30,000 viewers, you’ll probably get around a 2% conversion rate because they all want cooking recipes information, meaning you've got targeted readers. That’s around $22,500 dollars you could haveBusiness Management Articles, but your missing out on. Just do this once a month and I think you’d be happy with that!

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