Health Insurance for Overweight People under Obamacare

Health Insurance for Overweight People under Obamacare by Lester Hobbs  

Health insurance for overweight people in the US likely to get a ray of hope, as far as its treatment under Obamacare is concerned. Obese people are going to have the weight reduction counseling facilities from the policy issuing companies, without any increment on the premiums paid on healthcare schemes. 

Interview any obese individual looking for low cost health insurance plans to manage their healthcare issues, and they would be prompt in complaining about the extra premiums charged. Policy issuing companies consider this problem of over weightiness as a serious factor before considering the applicant’s eligibility to qualify for the requisite norms. Extra bodyweight that you have put on is likely to invite a series of physiological complications, thereby increasing the probability of frequent claims. Majority of the companies issuing healthcare policies find it a loss making affair, and easiest solution is imposition of stringent premium straightaway to cover this risk. Naturally, the health insurance for overweight which was supposed to be pocket friendly actually turns pocket pinching. This is the problem major of the US population was facing, and Obamacare is likely to solve this issue with some interesting treatments.

Companies have to shoulder obese problem mitigation solutions
Not all the companies were that ruthless to charge too hefty premium; in fact a number of them were kind to offer probable solutions for the troubled obese community. As part of the health insurance for overweight clientele they are issuing, they were often found running few wellness curriculums recover from fat related complicacies in numerous business organizations, community centers and so on. Even schools came under their service network as well, considering the increasing number of obese kids and teenagers in the US. In fact, they often shouldered the expense of prescribed medication to tackle obesity problems, alongside covering the costs incurred for bariatric surgical operations. However, what remained optional for some of the companies now turned mandatory for almost all the companies offering healthcare insurance. The much talked about Obamcare has brought this treatment into effect.

How companies will have to act?

Weight reduction counseling and screening facilities are to be provided by the health insurance overweight policy issuing companies-that’s the prerequisite. Earlier, a part of such service was shared by the patients in the form of co-payments and other allied deductibles as part of co-insurance regulations associated with the scheme. Now, the beneficiaries covered by this affordable healthcare act aren’t supposed to pay this extra payment to run their respective plans. January 2014 is the deadline for companies which haven’t implemented this facility yet for their clients. However, companies that aren’t charging extra payment for counseling and screening since 2010 (the law passing year) are exempted from this liability.

Body Mass Index, the trustworthy physiological indicator to establish correlation between body weight and height of the individual is taken in to account to determine the degree of obesity. That’s the indicator used by the companies to screen obese individuals from non-obese ones. Depending on the results, the companies are supposed to formulate fat reduction curriculums by appointing authorized physicians, and refer obsess individuals for a professionally managed service. The counseling is available through telephonic discussions, appointment of a dietician to look after individual requirements, consultation regarding lifestyle schedules to be conducted and so on.

Obesity is recognized as an epidemic problem in the US, other than its earlier status as a mere healthcare issue observed among major population. This act has compelled insurance policy issuing company to shoulder their responsibility and fight this serious health issue.

Lester Hobbs works on behalf of a social work organization, and is currently engaged with evaluation of financial companies offering health insurance for overweight

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