How to Clean Lungs of Smoke
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The quantity of smokers in Indonesia is sitting at the fifth rank following China, America, Japan, and Russia. Sadly, the increasing number in the quantity comes from teenagers. Smoking, as many people know, is a road to drug misuse.
Commonly, there is always an advance notice to juveniles to keep themselves away from cigarettes in order not to be addicted to smoking nor drug misuse. Those who continue smoking should quit doing so to have a healthier body. All smokers will have problems with their lungs caused by cigarette smoke. It causes problems not only to the smokers themselves but also to nonsmokers.

 How to Clean Lungs of Smoke

Being analyzed through GC-MS tool, lime drops can decrease nicotine quantity up to 70.65 %. Limes facilitate smokers to stop smoking

 How to Clean Lungs of Smoke
Omega 3 
Food with lots of Omega 3 can reform lungs function for those who are suffering from lungs chronics (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease/ COPD). It can be seen from the decrease of serum, mucus production, and recovery in COPD sufferers.  


 How to Clean Lungs of Smoke        Food and beverages made of soybeans reform lungs function and decrease chronic asthma symptom. Fumi Hirayama from Japan undertook a research involving 300 patients with asthma and 340 participants without asthma. The result shows that those who consumed any food and beverages containing soybeans, their lungs function reformed and asthma symptom declined. 

12 hour pause
For an intense smoker, quitting smoking cigarettes is a dreadfully difficult thing to do. However, one’s body will restore its health system after s/he pauses to smoke for twelve hours. The smoker might feel stressed at the beginning yet it comes up with a recovery process. Carbon monoxide and nicotine in body will fade away.   
The hazardous substances will disappear gradually in three or four days after quitting smoking. In this condition, depression and unstable emotion will emerge coming up with hunger and fatigue as well as insomnia. These symptoms indicate that the body is purifying the hazardous substances. Following two or three weeks, body circulation will reform the lungs damages. In one to nine months afterward, coughs and short breaths will escape. The lungs will fit and function normally.

 How to Clean Lungs of Smoke

Drinking large amount of water might evaporate toxins and nicotine that have been precipitating for years.

 How to Clean Lungs of Smoke

Broccoli, apples, vegetables, and fruits rich of anti oxidizing agents can reform and protect lungs. A research shows when ones consume five apples in a week, their lungs serve better compared to those who do not consume any apples at all.

Besides, isothiocyanate anti oxidizing agents as in broccoli, bean sprouts, and cauliflowers can reduce the risk of lungs cancer. Any broccoli vegetable types and green or red cabbages are known as nutritious substances and lungs protector. Other nutritious substances for healthy lungs can also be found in beets, carrots, yams, pumpkins, sesame seeds, almonds, apricots, nuts, and citrus fruits. 

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