G-String Endangers Women’s Health

G- String Endangers Women’s Health 

G-string is one of women’s clothes that women love. Wearing this, will make ladies look sexier and erotic. Besides, wearing tight clothes like this one proves perfection. Unfortunately, some people say that wearing lingerie for a very long time is unsafe and risky.  

As geniusbeauty.com reported, Dr. LizaMastersin, an eminent gynecologist residing in Los Angeles, states that wearing lingerie for women is unsafe. Wearing this type of clothes is lets women be infected from sex organ diseases. Synthetic g-string materials like nylon make women’s vaginas damp. In other words, damp vaginas are the best spot for certain bacteria to grow and later cause the diseases. The back string of g-string is a track where the bacteria reach the vaginas.  
G- String Endangers Women’s Health 

In addition, g-string is not able to protect back part of your body perfectly. When you fall down, the g-string cannot protect your buttocks as common underwear can. 

However, if you are a g-string lover, please pay attention to the tips given below to make you safe and comfortable wearing it.
Choose g-string made of cotton or silk.
Wipe your vaginas regularly using a clean towel after urinating.
Avoid wearing g-string for a long time.
Those are easy tips that you should do if you cannot hang up your sexy g-string. Thank you've read an article about G- String EndangersWomen’s Health. hopefully can benefit and increase their knowledge.
G- String Endangers Women’s Health

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