9 Tips to keep you look younger



Food that we daily consume have some effects on our healthy life for years to come. This also affects the beauty of our own. However,  we can stay healthy and always look younger though we've passed the age of four heads, but we have to control  what we eat. As reported by the Times of India, there are several types of food for 40s, recommended by Dr. Eileen Canday , the Chief Dietician at Breach Candy Hospital :

Tuna fish
Tuna fish is useful for preventing muscle loss. it is because one of the best sources of protein and containing no saturated fat.
9 Tips to keep you look younger

Sweet potato can help to reduce the effects of cigarette smoke, prevent diabetes, and also enrich immune health. In addition, sweet potatoes are also rich in vitamin C which can help to nourish our skin.

9 Tips to keep you look younger
Soy milk
Soy milk is rich in vitamin A, vitamin B2, B1, calcium and protein that will help you to increase bone density and prevent osteoporosis.
Antioxidants that contained in red wine can prevent clogging of the arteries and lower bad cholesterol.
9 Tips to keep you look youngerStrawberries are recommended to make our skin healthy. Strawberries are also rich in fiber with antioxidants such as anthocyanins and phenolic substances, which can prevent the damage of our skin cells.
Original grain
9 Tips to keep you look youngerOriginal grain is high in fiber and potassium. All of original grain types can help us to prevent the increase of blood pressure and weight of rising at the age of 40 years. Moreover, it is better to include the original grain bread, brown rice, oats and quinoa seeds (quinoa) in your diet.
9 Tips to keep you look youngerYogurt is rich in calcium, vitamins A and D that can soften our skin. I suggest you to chose the low-fat yoghurt.
9 Tips to keep you look youngerLean beef
Beef is rich in iron. Iron is used to carry oxygen from the lungs to various cells in the body. Beef also contains high protein muscle builder.
Almonds are rich in amino acids and vitamin E. Almonds are healthy
9 Tips to keep you look younger
snacks for the one who has problems with cholesterol. Almonds can help to lower cholesterol and keep the body healthy. That is all some kind of food need to be consumed by mothers to still look young despite of 40 years old.


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