Vagina is one of the female body part that connects the uterus and cervix. The vagina is a muscular tube that is lined with mucous membranes. Its opening is between the urethra and anus.
Vagina has good elasticity, allowing for the entry of the penis for reproduction. When the process of sex, vaginal fluid secreted act as lubrication. During menstruation, blood will come out through the vagina. Vagina is also the way the baby is born. Inflammation of the vagina is known as vaginitis. Therefore keep kesehtan vagina is in need. Because the vagina is the female reproductive organs are highly susceptible to infection.
This is caused by the limits of the urethra to the anus is very close, so that germs such as fungi, bacteria, parasites, and viruses easily fit into the vagina. Therefore, women must diligently take care of the cleanliness of her vagina.
In the vagina there are a variety of bacteria, Lactobacillus 95 percent, 5 percent of the pathogen. In a balanced vaginal ecosystem conditions, pathogenic bacteria will not interfere. When the balance is disturbed, for example, acidity decreases, the natural defense will also go down, and prone to infection. The imbalance of the vaginal ecosystem due to many factors. Among these oral contraceptives, diabetes mellitus, antibiotics, menstrual blood, semen, spraying fluid into the vagina (douching), and hormonal disorders such as puberty, pregnancy, or menopause.
Causes of vaginal yeast
The fungus can grow naturally throughout the body, especially if the damp and dark as in the vagina. Generally good bacteria (probakteria) especially acidophilus trying to create an acidic environment that fungi do not multiply. But if a little acidophilus and high sugar levels in the body, then the mold will begin to proliferate. 3 out of 4 women experience at least one yeast infection in their lives. If this keep coming again, something is wrong with the body's defense system.

Usually the fungal infections are found on the body that has fat folds like armpits and of course in the vagina. In addition to its immune system is weak or tight clothing, there is another hidden cause of fungal infections in the vagina, that is:
Low estrogen levels
Estrogen feed acidophilus bacteria so that the fungus does not easily show up, but if estrogen levels are low then it will be easy to grow mushrooms. Therefore before menstruation sometimes women can be exposed to a fungal infection due to declining estrogen levels. If it had a yeast infection that hormonal then a week before menstruation is advisable to consume probiotics, avoid sugary foods and eat yogurt.
Eating too much sugar
Where there is sugar then there is a fungus. Spike blood sugar levels showed a lot of glucose in the body system that will invite mushrooms, because mushrooms like glycogen (glucose reserves).
use pantyliners
If using pantyliners so clean underwear, the thinking is wrong because pantyliners cause mild irritation which can lower immunity and fungal skin really liked humid or little air. This is because the synthetic fibers of pantyliners obstruct air flow makes a comfortable fungus to breed.
Have a vaginal eczema
Eczema triggers a rash that can appear on the vulva and vaginal tissues. This condition causes chronic inflammation and irritation in some people that develop fungal infections. Therefore, it is necessary to treat eczema vagina and cleaned mushrooms immediately.
Using spermicide condoms
The active ingredient contained in vaginal spermicides can disrupt immune and allow the fungus to take advantage. If the suspect spermicides as a cause, then choose a spermicide-free condom.
The vagina is a hidden orgam to be clean and healthy every day, because this section are susceptible to infection. Your vagina is only you that can take care of him. 

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