The first assessment of the man about a woman must have a physical. What are glimpsed the man and anything that can make a man tempted.
This is it part of a woman who will make him tempting. 

Big  Breasts   
The most beautiful woman's breasts is in the early 20's age range has become their favorite men. If you do not have denser breasts do not fret just yet. According to the research, men like breasts regardless of its form. No matter if the breast is small or large, men are definitely interested in a woman's breast.

Round ass certainly make eye man can not turn away. Buttocks of women has many functions, such as storing fat for breast-feeding and energy to accumulate a certain time. Therefore many people consider the bigger ass woman more attractive.

Humans are the only living creature whose lips are on the outside. The thickness of her lips together with her vagina. The second part of this body will react and be met by blood flow when in an aroused state.
Men like women who are full and sensual lips. For women who do not have a lip shape so do not worry. With the help of bright red lipstick, men can also be tempted. But the use of excessive make-up is also dangerous because it can make men scramble to tease and sparking hostilities with the other women. 

Long Hair
A strand of hair can live up to six years, every day someone could lose 80-100 hairs. For male Caucasian, blonde hair is considered attractive because women seem feminine and fertile.
But whatever the color, men like the hair clean and shiny. Indicates the woman's hair is clean and diligent care of themselves. In addition to clean, according to a survey, 75% of men are more attracted to women with long hair.

Lean Belly
Surely this is not a surprise anymore, slim stomach will make him fall in love. Why? Firstly, because it clearly indicates a slim stomach the woman does not become pregnant. So what? According to the men lean belly signifies the clever woman taking care of themselves and care for her health.
Jewelry in the abdomen, such as piercing the stomach or chain around the abdomen by making men more sexy stomach. The chain makes a woman look bigger hips at the same time streamline the waist.

Hourglass shape since it used to be an idol of women. Since five centuries ago, women strive for the form through the formation of a corset, strict diet, until the plastic surgery. Getting hip to waist line makes him more interested. The woman impressed many store fat so reproductively infertile.

That some parts of the female bodythat would make him excited, so for all women still have to maintain a healthy body, so that men are increasingly interested in you. Thank you .


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