Benefits of Honey For Women 

Benefits of Honey For Women

Benefits of Honey For Women, Bees are insects that have privileges. social life is one of the most ideal example. At a stone in Spain (in the cave valencia) there is a painting showing a honey seekers is climbing the hill to get to the beehive. This shows since ancient times honey has been known and widely in use as a nutritious drink. Very many benefits of honey for medical, Including to the health of women. In this article described a few of the many benefitsof honey for women's health.
Here are the benefits of honey for women : 

Honey for fertility
Nutritionists argue that honey can improve the quality of sexual and fertility. Honey works to stimulate the ovaries in order to quickly evolve and make rapid uterine pregnancy.

Honey for pregnant women
     In pregnant women honey serves as an antibody during pregnancy, Honey is also often used for pregnant women because the breakfast will reduce nausea during pregnancy and can increase appetite. Nutrients contained in honey can help you in maintaining the health of the fetus.

Benefits of Honey For Face
     In addition to maternal health, Honey has been used for the treatment of facial skin beauty since time immemorial. Here are the benefits of honey for face :

Eliminating black spots
            Remove acne scars
Brightens the skin
Making skin look radiant and radiant-ser
Can be used as a face mask
Can be used as material to cleanse the skin from free radicals
Gives the skin is more delicate.

Reduce whitish
     The content of antibacterial contained in the honey will help you reduce and prevent the discharge caused by bacteria and fungi. Antibacterial contained in honey is best used as a deterrent diseases caused by bacteria.

Prevent cancer and heart disease
     Flavonoid contained in honey can help you in reducing the risk of cancer and heart disease. Including breast and cervical cancer that often strikes women.
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