Big Ass Good For Heart And Brain Health

BigAss Good For Heart And Brain Health 

Big Ass Good For Heart And Brain Health

Women who have a big ass not only make him look sexy, but also provide health benefits. Ass is part of the body is the main attraction of a woman, also can be beneficial to heart health, and intelligence, it can all be seen from his ass. As quoted from the elite
Researchers at the University of Oxford found that most people with a big ass healthy people. These researchers also mention that a person who has a great ass and carry fat on the thighs or buttocks body is more likely to produce hormones guards sugar metabolism in the body better.
When the body's metabolism awake, a person can avoid heart disease, diabetes or cholesterol. When compared with those who fat in the abdomen, someone who has a great ass and fat in the back of the body is said to be more healthy.
Belly fat has a high risk to health, especially heart health. Many people believe that if a woman has a big ass healthier than the distended abdomen.   
Besides good for heart health, big ass allegedly also good for intelligence. People with big ass increase omega 3 in the brain to the fullest. Fat is maintained on the rump allows a person to have good blood circulation and growth.
If women with large buttocks, hips and waist width is someone's most fertile and good potential mates. That is why men are so attracted to women who are big butt.
Many studies mention the big butt is good for heart and brain health, but it has a big butt with exercise and a healthy lifestyle can not promise a healthy heart and brain awake.
Heart health and brain as a natural big ass. If you do plastic surgery to make a bigger ass with the aim to have a healthy heart and brain, it certainly will not be achieved.

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