Tips maintain vaginal health

maintaining the health of the vagina

Tips maintain vaginal health

    Vaginal health should be a major concern for all women. Maintain feminine health area is not an easy job, takes perseverance and thoroughness in treatment. In order to remain healthy feminine area then consider the following tips

Do not use soap
You sometimes do not feel confident with vaginal odor, therefore, the soap into your choice to clean.  soap contains chemicals that can damage the pH balance of the vagina. when mensturasi should wash with clean water.

Wear cotton underwear 

Cotton will easily absorb sweat than others. cotton cloth also can prevent fungal infection due to moisture
Maintain hygiene during menstruation
During menstruation, vaginal hygiene is the most important thing. Change the bandage every 4 hours to avoid germs and bacteria that cause irritation of the breed.
Avoid using perfume
You may want to vaginal scent by spraying perfume, This is not good for the health of your vagina, because the alcohol content contained in it, will damage the vaginal pH.  Vaginal infection would be easy.

Do not use tight clothes
Tight clothing can cause the vagina moist.
As a result, fungi and bacteria would be very easy to grow
Shave pubic hair 
Pubic hair growth will become a nest of bacteria and fungi that would create an infection of the vagina. Therefore rajinlah for shaving the pubic hair for the health of the vagina, according to the teachings of Islam shaving the pubic hair for women it may impose, once a month you should shave.
Drinking water
Drink water regularly, Water helps remove bacteria and can increase the health of the vagina
Safe sex

Some STDs, such as HIV or genital herpes, so far have not found a cure. Therefore, do safe sex, with no change partners or always use a condom.
With Kegel exercises
Kegel exercises can help you to strengthen the muscles and vaginal sex organs.

The most appropriate way of cleaning your intimate area is washed vulva (the outside of the vagina) every day with warm water.
Very meaningful to your health, the health of your vagina to be your own keeping.

Thank you've read an article about maintaining the health of the vagina, Hope it is useful.



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