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Bananas are the fruit of a herbaceous plant originating from Southeast Asia (including Indonesia), Africa (Madagascar), South and Central America.  Sweet taste makes many people like eating this fruit, even the monkey was a fan of this fruit. Yellow fruit includes many benefits. Of fruit, leaves, bark, and stems can be used.  For example, banana stems can be processed into fibers for clothing, and paper. While the banana trees that have been cut small and banana leaves can be fed to ruminants (sheep, goats) during the dry season where the grass is not / less available.  Banana peel can be used to make vinegar through the process of fermentation alcohol and vinegar. While the banana leaves are used as wrappers a wide range of traditional Indonesian food.
The energy value of bananas around 136 calories for every 100 grams, which overall is derived from carbohydrates. Banana energy value two times higher than the apple. Apples with the same weight (100 grams) contains only 54 calories. Carbohydrates provide energy bananas slightly slower compared with sugar and syrup, but faster than rice, biscuits, and a kind of bread. Therefore, many athletes during the interval or break eating bananas as energy reserves.
After working hard or thinking, always arise drowsiness. This situation is a sign of the brain is deprived of energy, so that biological activity also declined. To carry out its activities, brain requires energy in the form of glucose. Blood glucose is vital for the brain to function properly, among other things expressed in the ability of memory. Glucose is mainly derived from the blood circulation of the brain due to glycogen as glucose reserves are very limited existence. 
Blood glucose is mainly obtained from sources of dietary intake of carbohydrates. Bananas are the best alternative for providing energy in times of rest. when the brain is in need of a quick energy available for biological activity. However, protein and fat banana was not good and very low, only 2.3 percent and 0.13 percent. Nevertheless, fat content and protein bananas are still higher than the apple, Which is only 0.3 percent. Therefore, do not be afraid of obesity despite eating bananas in large quantities.

Below is described one by one to the health benefits of bananas in order and are not curious. 
Controlling Weight
Banana into pieces that fit consumed when dieting or weight gain process. In a medium-sized banana fruit stored only 110 calories combustible if you get even with regular exercise.

Energy for Body
After breakfast try the consumption of a medium-sized 2 bananas. It is intended that the energy produced by the body to get additional help from bananas.
Help form cells
Fat in bananas helps the body build tissue and cell structures like cell membranes.

For Digestion
Because of the high fiber and carbohydrates enough to make a banana as a cure constipation (constipation). In addition to help digestion and absorption of nutrients in the intestine, the nutrient content in the form of fiber also helps prevent obesitar, colon cancer, diabetes mellitus, coronary heart disease due to excess cholesterol.

Adjusting Body Temperature
If you're stuck in the cold weather, try to consume a banana so that the temperature the body feels warmer.

Skin Tightening
Skin needs sufficient nutrients such as Vitamin C in order to maintain health. Bananas became one of the fruits with a high Vitamin C content. This makes many experts prescribe treatment to bananas, for example, be used as a mask for whitening skin and tighten.
Other benefits of bananas you can feel yourself in a way to get used to schedule a time to eat fruits every day. With the positive reaction given so you can earn over time.

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